Solo on Ayreon

On April 28 The Source, a new AYREON album by Arjen Lucassen, will be released.
I am honored that Arjen asked me to play a solo on this album.

Featuring singers:

  • James LaBrie (Dream Theater)
  • Russell Allen (SymphonyX)
  • Simone Simons (Epica)
  • Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian)
  • Tommy Karevik (Kamelot, Seventh Wonder)
  • Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me)
  • Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ex-After Forever)
  • Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia)
  • Nils K. Rue (Pagan’s Mind)
  • Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus)
  • Mike Mills (Toehider) and
  • Zaher Zorgati (Myrath)

Featuring musicians:

  • Arjen Anthony Lucassen – electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, analog synthesizers, Hammond, Solina Strings
  • Joost van den Broek (ex-After Forever) – piano
  • Ed Warby – drums
  • Ben Mathot – violin
  • Maaike Peterse (Kingfisher Sky) – cello
  • Jeroen Goossens (ex-Pater Moeskroen) – flute, wind instruments
  • Mark Kelly (Marillion) – synthesizer solo
  • Paul Gilbert – guitar solo
  • Guthrie Govan – guitar solo and
  • Marcel Coenen – guitar solo

You can pre-order it here.

  1. Great! Amazing solo on “the dream dissolves”

    • Thank you !

  2. And I must say that I noticed the solo while I was listening to and told myself “this is not Arjen”. Hence, I looked it up and was amazed that I got to know an new awesome guitar player: you. Great solo!

    • Thanks :))

  3. SuperVET!!!

  4. Hello Marcel,
    wring from northern Germany to the border to Denmark. In my youth I played a little guitar an wrote some songs; now I’m 61 and not so much music in theses days. Than my brother shows me Aryeon, so I come to here the scource. The dream dissolver ist overgreat (is it possible to say so?) – but not first because of the song, but because of this wonderful guitar solo, comic out of this keyboard -! What a soul of man must be inside, who can play in this way – playing down the tones from heaven! Many greetings from heart to heart! And 1000 thanks.

  5. The solo on the dream dissolves is truly outstanding, one of my favourite guitar solos all time. It inspired and motivated me to start practicing guitar again to take my playing to the next level. Any chance of a tutorial video for this?

  6. Wow, amazing solo! Thank you for that master piece!


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