Besides his bands and projects Marcel is active with his solo career.
At this moment Marcel’s writing songs for his 3rd solo album, expected in 2020/2021.
  • 2015   EP – Disambiguation >> Audio

    In 2015 Marcel released an EP with old songs he wrote in 1989 until 1992. The EP features one song with vocals and three instrumental songs.
    Get it here: Disambiguation

  • 2013 – DVD – Moyra / Guitar instruction >> Shop

    This DVD coveres the complete song Moyra from Marcel’s first album Guitartalk, every lick in the song is displayed before the camera so you can learn the song.
    Multi camera angles and the licks are played note for note so you can easily see and hear what is happening.

  • 2006 – DVD – Marcel Coenen & Friends, A Live Time Journey

    A live registration of Marcel Coenen & Friends, with songs from both his solo albums “Colour Journey” and “Guitartalk”. Also some cover songs were done. Buy the DVD here: Lion Music

  • 2006 – DVD – Speed Up / Guitar instruction >> Shop

An instructional DVD filmed in Taiwan in 2006 when Marcel played some clinics in Asia. On the DVD you find lessons with Marcel’s favorite licks, as well as some examples for tapping, sweep picking, arpeggio’s, scales, runs etc.

  • 2006 – Album – Colour Journey >> Audio

Marcel’s second solo album, on this album you find songs with vocals as songs that are instrumental. Also a lot of different styles of music are displayed on this album. You can buy the album here: Lion Music

  • 2003 – Album – Guitar Talk >> Audio  

Marcel’s first solo album, on this album you find just instrumental songs that are written in the period 1989 until 2002.
You can buy the album here: Lion Music

Marcel’s music

Marcel Coenen & Friends

Live Marcel performs his songs with his band MARCEL COENEN & FRIENDS.

The band members are:
  • Drums: Hans In T Zandt (Praying Mantis)
  • Keyboards: Rene Kroon (The Barstool Philosophers, ex-Sun Caged)
  • Vocals: Paul Adrian Villarreal (ex-Sun Caged, until 2016)
  • Bass: Richard Ritterbeeks (Het Goede Doel)
  • Guitar: Freek Gielen (The Theater Equation)

Marcel can also play along backing tracks, perfect for music shops, or small indoor gigs. Contact Marcel for possibilities and prices.

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